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Quite interesting new!!!!

Jun 27, 2013 - 2 comments

disabled cat

Just sharing.Must be useful somehow
"Custom leggings help disabled cat walk "
Pic  is also in my album

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by opus88, Jun 27, 2013
is that ever interesting apple....and heart warming too. there was a kitten that ended up in a rescue shelter a few hundred miles away from me, she has the same condition..they thought no bones in her back legs, there is even a name for this condition...after searching all over for help this rescue center found a home for her in a new city so they flew her there...her new mommy is an orthopedic Vet thank God!!! she did xrays and determined that baby lightning does have bones but they aren't she is undergoing more tests etc. to see if somehow these bones can be attached. the poor kitten's legs are completely turned backwards...and she is so sweet. I will try and find her facebook page so you can see her....thanks for posting this.

can you bring this up apple?


by opus88, Jun 27, 2013

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