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HELP! Shortness of Breath especially when standing

Apr 21, 2009 - 12 comments

short of breath



Hello everybody. I came back here to this website needing some help of Shortness of Breath. It has been about 2 wks since my symptoms started. It started out just like fatigue when I talked for a long time in conversation during my teachings but then its gotten worse. When I walk or talk a lot I feel like I am carrying cobblestones in my chest and its heavy and hard to breath. When I sit down or lye in a certain position i'm ok and no shortness of breath. I thought some mucinex med or Tylenol Sinus/Congestion might help to get whatever is stuck in my lungs to go out be there is nothing expelled even with adequate fluid intake. I try to cough when I get short of breath in thought of maybe it might help loosen whats in my chest but my cough has weird patterns of regular and then deep wheeze. I don't have asthma, I am atheletic weight of 109, in my 20's, and try to eat as healthy as I can in my hectic schedule. I honestly don't want to waste my time and just go to the doctor again and hear only get some rest because it's really not helping. Is this something serious I should take or is there something I can take to help with my symptoms? Thanks to anybody who responds.

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by angel200075, May 06, 2009
Hmmm.. I say go to the hospital and get yourself seen by a specialist. My Dad has been in the hospital for a week and has stumped the medical teams because he is experiencing shortness of breath episodes while standing and with no excersion, but that don't last very long, and then the symptoms seem to subside when he lies down on a 30 degree angle, with his head slightly propped up. The first things that come to mind are heart and lungs. We got his heart checked out (they did an angiogram test) and it's excellent, thank God. Then he got a lung ct scan (a chest x-ray does not adequately show the lungs in detail so make sure you get a lung ct scan). Next, we got him a VQ scan (which is ventricular / perfusion scan) which is a series of 2 tests that measure the air in the lungs against the blood circulation. What they looked for running this VQ scan is a mismatch of air versus blood circulation which would indicate pulmonary embolism (emboli is the plural). However, they were looking for small pulmonary emboli and found no mismatch, so that confirmed no emoboli or blood clots in his lungs. So the next step is the PFT's which is Pulmonary Function Tests and a nuclear stress test, and that is what we are waiting for today. It is sOOOO frustrating because he has been here a week and normally he is in excellent shape. He walked 6 miles no problem a few weeks ago and now it seems like he gets short of breath when he stands (but not every single time he stands). I would suggest that you talk with your doctor (go see a specialist, the general floors on hospitals don't know as much as the specialty floors like the cardiology and pulmonology floors). So talk to a specialist and get some tests run. Also, go online and look up vasovagul syncopy. This is lightheadedness and shortness of breath when standing up. In people with vasovagul syncopy, they have developed a deficiency so that the blood pools to their legs when they stand, hence they get light headed and short of breath. Basically, in normal people when they stand the blood vessels constrict (get tighter) to push blood back up to their head, to keep the balance of blood in the body when standing. People with vasovagul syncopy lose that blood vessel constriction, so all the blood goes to the legs instead. That's why when they lie down they get better. Good luck and keep looking for answers, you will find them eventually!

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by thebudgetqueen, Jul 23, 2010
Did you ever find an answer, the same thing is happening to me. 2 weeks of fatique, excessive thirstiness, and now I get light headed and short of breath when I stand. No one knows what's happening, not even at the Heart Hospital here. I have been out of work for 3 days and am beginning to panic.

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by sealions, Jul 18, 2011
i guess they all died. They were such young forum posters too. Their memories will live on forever as cache on a google server. If there is anyone else with shortness of breath, stand-up and raise your hand. Ooppps, bad idea.

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by user4949, Oct 01, 2011
Worsening shortness of breath when standing or sitting up is called "platypnea" . That might help you in future searches. According to at least one source, it is generally only associated with a few disorders: hepatopulmonary syndrome, a left atrial myxoma, or a left atrial thrombus.  

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by TheSirensVeil, Jul 19, 2015
You may have low potassium levels. I would consider eating foods with high potassium. Low levels can cause thirsty ness and dizziness upon standing up

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by Caban, Nov 20, 2015
Did you get a diagnosis for your symptoms? I have the same exact ones,


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by Brookit72215, Dec 12, 2015
I have these symptoms & I finally got my cardiologist to diagnose me with POTS. But be aware, this is rare & it's hard to find a doctor with much knowledge on it,  cardiologist is your best bet. Also it's signs of dehydration, or if you have this disease symptoms are much worse when your are dehydrated. Drinking atleast 8 10oz glasses of water a day helps

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by samsarao22, May 09, 2016
friends i have same problem when i ly down i feel bttr byt when i m standing...i cant take breath easily and can't hold ....

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by Naseem12, May 23, 2016
I have been experiencing shortness of breath while standing for a few days now. I'm sitting on my bed as I type this. I feel so much better in this position. Waiting for a call back from my primary doctor. I will keep you all posted asap.

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by Rhaus, May 25, 2016
When I stand the blood pools in my legs the longer I stand my heart races and I get short of breath and my blood pressure goes up unlike people with POTS.  I've had an echocardiogram, a stress test, MRI still no answers. I have seen there are sub sets of POTS patents who do get high blood pressure too. Any answers???

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by snowwhite1980, Jun 18, 2016
Any updates ?

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by Sanchez909, Oct 13, 2016
Perhaps anxiety? Stress? I get like that when i sit down

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