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Sep 07, 2013 - 3 comments


Story at-a-glance
King Corn follows two college buddies as they set out to learn more about corn—how it’s grown, and how it ends up in so many of our foods. What they find raises troubling questions about how we eat—and how we farm
Far from providing us with critical nutrition, US agricultural policies contribute to the declining health of Americans and worsens the out-of-control obesity epidemic
The US farm subsidy program is completely upside down, subsidizing junk food in one federal office, while across the hall another department is funding an anti-obesity campaign
Over the past 15 years, taxpayers have paid corn farmers more than $77 billion in subsidies, and more than 75 percent of farm subsidies are paid to a mere 10 percent of America’s farmers

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5817099 tn?1376924181
by NAERAE, Sep 09, 2013
My Grandfather farmed his northern Minnesota 160 acres the "old way" with no chemicals, did crop rotation to add nutrients back into the ground which also took care of most of the unwanted weeds, used the cultivator between the rows, added sea kelp and fish as fertilizer twice in 40 years ( he said the ground didn't taste right & it needed a little extra ).  His corn stalks were always over 8 feet high with at least 6 ears each that measured over 12 inches long with big kernnels.  His other crops of wheat, flax, barley, oats, hay, buckwheat, etc were all high yeilds.  There was always good food from the garden & again no chemicals.  There was always home fresh milk, butter, cheese, meat, vegetables, & baked goods.  We ate & stayed full, not like we do if we eat from the store nowadays.  Even some so called organic foods can't possibly be organic leaving one very hungry & sometimes in severe pain after eating it.  And how about chemicals that are in the water or from the neighbor who spray chemicals on his fields & it floats over via wind onto the organic field?
Over the years, I have seen many food production manufacturers where I had worked that have done unbelievable practices during processing:  canning cream corn with rats, snakes, puke, bugs, other rodents, etc going into the cooking vats & it is considered as "natural ingredients" via inspectors; bleach poured into big milk silos before milk & cheese packaging to drop the bacteria count & mask antibiotics that had been given to the dairy cows before milking; foods being processed with preservatives & colorants & the cleaning chemicals are spilled onto the line & it isn't thrown out; bread & other baked food that sawdust is added as "fiber"; potatoes that are black & disgusting with bugs that are run through chemicals to bleach them so they look good before the are fries, hash browns, potato chips...these are just a few of the things I've seen & reported & NOTHING was ever done to the manufacturers.  Now we eat this stuff.  Some people get very sick & can't figure out why & don't know how they could have gotten allergens when a product said it was safe for them, so they don't question it.  These people may not react right away & others might have life threatning issues & still don't know how this happened.  
I feel the "old way" was the best.  We can still have modern conveniences & live & eat safe.  

1236893 tn?1487770007
by gymdandee, Sep 10, 2013
You left out adding blood to meat that is going to be turned into chop meat! My son is the principal scientist with a major pharmaceutical Co. and what he tells me about the FDA is another story to follow up on.

5817099 tn?1376924181
by NAERAE, Sep 10, 2013
Well that one I didn't actually see, but it doesn't surprise me.

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