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Personal Trainer!

May 01, 2009 - 4 comments

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Started out with a new personal trainer who is an exercise physiologist as well as a yoga and pilates teacher! She is very familiar with rehabing fibromyalgia patients and understands my imbalances from the MS. I love her to death!

We will adjust my exercise routines to build up weak muscles and alter as the pain moves around. Main goal is to straighten my pelvis and strengthen my core and upper back muscles and open the chest.

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by Kathy_H, Feb 11, 2010
WOW!!!  That sounds like someone I could use in my life. I want to start getting my strength back but I'm so weak now I'd need someone who'd understand! How do you suggest that I find someone like that in my area? Raleigh, NC
Thanks so much for the post!

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by Khiba, Feb 11, 2010
Hi Kathy,

Call around to local health clubs, pilates studios, or even chiropractors offices and see if anyone knows someone who does personal training especially with either the elderly (which at 55 I don't feel elderly) or with people rehabbing from injury or illness. Usually a name will pop up and you can go from there. One call leads to another...

With all the people out of work at the moment, I am sure there are personal trainers who would come to your house. A lot of them will even bring some equipment you can use. Sometimes its as simple as a series of stretching or balance exercises or using a big ball, or little weights.

I am fortunate to have a pilates machine since both my husband and I have done pilates off and on for years. However most of the exercises can be done on the floor with straps.

Its not always fun and sometimes it hurts a bit, the rewards of getting a recalcitrant muscle back functioning again and a little stronger or less spastic makes a huge difference. Just make sure the person has good credentials and schooling.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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by SeaReiki, Feb 13, 2010
How much does it cost?

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by Khiba, Feb 13, 2010
Personal trainers can cost from $50 hour on up. My gal charges $60 and she spends a good hour probably an hour and half with me depending on how strong or week I feel on a particular week. Its kind of expensive but considering the alternatives....

If you could get a second person to join you and split the cost it would work out to be a lot less expensive.


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