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chained to my pain
chained to my pain
Comments (6)
ginger899, Jan 18, 2010
This is interesting. The chains cut in where your wings should be. Somewhere under there are wings. One day you will find them again I think.
Cloudwindgate, Jan 19, 2010
lol you are very observent but i dont think ill every grow wings if im lucky ill find a way to strach my arm out to space
Shanna707, Feb 19, 2010
Don't be afraid to pull those chains out.  It may cause a little extra pain, but healing can't begin until being unchained!  Interesting that in some cultures this type of behavior isnt looked at as torture at all.  It is more like a rite of passage; like into manhood.  Although, we all loose a little bit of our innocence as we age, you are never to old to revisit your inner-child and  remember to always cherish him.  You don't ever have to loose your imagination.  To have great vision, one must first imagine it!  I would love to see this character chained in pain to be released like a beautiful butterfly from it's cacoon and fly high!  Could you draw that?
painbrain, Jul 07, 2010
This work eplains how I feel when I can't get the words out right.  I like it a lot.  It is very emotionally moving to me.  In a way I cannot put words together to explain.  Thanks for making this!
Cloudwindgate, Jul 08, 2010
I'm glad it felt that way to you. I was going to once put more chains but i felt that it would change the mood to a more poor taste. This was enough the ultimate symbol of being held back.
katrinika, Feb 02, 2011
Expressive... the fact that I can't remember ever feeling like this suggests to me that, like all truly great pain, I have stuffed it out of reach.  I love your ability to create physical expression out of your emotional experience.