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post op neck exercises
post op neck exercises
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selmaS, Nov 08, 2010
FYI- for the 3rd exercise on the left my dr instructed to have someone hold my shoulder down.
for example..if I am looking to the left, someone should hold down the right shoulder...and help move ur neck as far left as possible, but not to push on the jaw.

For me I was alone many times doing these so I used a high back chair to be sure my shoulder was back..and to keep it from lifting I used ankle weights that have velcro straps....the weight was enuff to keep my shoulders from lifting.

I was not told to do the last 2 that include lifting ur arms....
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jorlex137, Nov 08, 2010
oh thank you!!!!
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selmaS, Nov 08, 2010
U r welcome...I hope u can enlarge it to see what to do...if u have ne questions let me know : )
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selmaS, Dec 07, 2010
in the right hand column only the shoulder rolls were done......all on the left hand side...and be sure to keep the shoulders from lifting up...
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SilentSong101, May 21, 2012
How often should one be doing these?
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selmaS, May 21, 2012
I was told to do them in the AM and at night b4 bed to start, then I added in the afternoon and then I would just do them as often as I could as I was healing.....mayb 2 x's in the AM 3 x's in the afternoon and another 2 x's b4 bed....listen to ur body, but I did not want my muscle to tighten up and the more u move the better, but if it hurts slow down how often u r doing it,