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Herbs my acupuncturist makes me prepare into a tea and drink! Yuck!!!!!!
Herbs my acupuncturist makes me prepare into a tea and drink! Yuck!!!!!!
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Moma_Cher, Jul 29, 2012
That looks.... Earthy lol
tones99, Jul 29, 2012
oh yuck!! mine used to give me the powdered version (same herbs just ground down and then add to warm water to dissolve) which were so much easier than these .. I have done these before and know how truly yuck they really are .. on the bright side .. this pregnancy was after 3 months of chinese herbs as well as the extra royal jelly and vitamin D so something worked!
Sherri90049, Jul 29, 2012
Oh good! I am on high potency vitamin D and taking Royal Jelly, too! I can force down this tea if I have to! If it means a baby afterwards, I can do just about anything!! :-)
Sherri90049, Jul 29, 2012
@Cheri, yes, that's a good word. And I swear, even though you can't see it well on the pic, there are actual STICKS in this mixture! The first batch tasted FOUL, so I put it in the fridge and am making another one so I can know whether or not I burned the first batch and that's why it tastes bad. (or if it just tastes THAT bad) Lol! I have done these before and remembered them being just awful, but the one I made this morning took it to a whole new level!

@Toni, I tried to ask for the powder, but they told me this was better (& it is a bit cheaper this way). So let's hope I can stick to it! :)
Hopefulcb, Jul 30, 2012
Yuck!! Looks awful!! I'm sure it will all be worth it though!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you !!
Marietta2000, Aug 13, 2012
hhhmmm, well, let's say it's colourful!!  It looks a lot like popurri (hope that's spelt right)!  I remember my 'smoothie' consisting of wheatgrass, maca & apple juice - it was absolutely putrid but I took it religiously for months & months!  I felt like vomiting while trying to get it down, but I told myself it was all worth it if I could make a baby!!!!  All of this will be doing you good Sherri, and I know you can do it!!!!!  You have done so much groundwork - it's payback time for you very soon - it has to be!  XOXOXO
Sherri90049, Aug 13, 2012
@Kerry - OMG! That's SO funny! That's EXACTLY what it looks like! POTPOURRI! Lol!!!!!! (except I think potpourri would taste better!) :-D