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One of my most special places in the world...where I met my DH ;-)
One of my most special places in the world...where I met my DH ;-)
Comments (12)
TTC2006, Oct 09, 2012
You are so beautiful!
cheekyhalfs, Oct 09, 2012
Oh my goodness thank you, I'm really not lol, a sun tan, pretty dress & make up! :)
zara2010, Oct 09, 2012
You are stunning! This is such a pretty photo! xx
Carly1306, Oct 09, 2012
I agree with the others. Your DH is one lucky man ;)
cheekyhalfs, Oct 10, 2012
Lol you're making me blush! I need to put some decent pics on here more often - thanks ladies :)
Risa615, Dec 02, 2012
Love that dress!
Shannon79, Jan 16, 2013
I'm gonna have to agree with the ladies. You're a looker! ;)
cheekyhalfs, Jan 17, 2013
Lol thanks Shannon, how are those gorgeous boys of yours?
Bells565, Mar 01, 2013
you are a beautiful women
cheekyhalfs, Mar 01, 2013
Ah shucks, thanks so much - honestly I'm not lol!  My Hubbie took this, must have got me at a good angle ;-)

I'm going to wear this dress to my sisters wedding at Easter...what do you think ladies?  I would usually buy something new, however my little bump fits nicely in this as it's floaty from the bust down and everyone always tells me it's a lovely dress so I think I'm going to go with this :-)