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Can I some more fish please?  Pretty please?
Can I some more fish please?  Pretty please?
Comments (7)
margypops, Dec 06, 2012
hahaha she is so pretty, look at those big eyes, does she like fish?
opus88, Dec 06, 2012
she is adorable....very intent on that fish...:))
margypops, Dec 06, 2012
I like the way she sits up begging like a dog lol
FurballsMom, Dec 06, 2012
:-)  See still another reason why this little furry girl is so special to me?  This is how I know if she wants something.  If I take left over turkey out of the freezer, and I start cutting the pieces into still smaller pieces, it doesn't take very long before I hear Akira's bells clear from the other part of the apartment.  The next thing I know, I hear one of those soft purr-meow combinations she does when she is trying to be gentle about getting my attention.  Then, she will stand up.  After that, I can't give her a piece fast enough and she starts acting like any other cat that gets under foot in the kitchen wanting a hand out.
Jade59, Jan 08, 2013
I Love this photo and the story that goes with it.  Isn't it sweet when they do that soft purr-meow combo?  
FurballsMom, Jan 08, 2013
I love how they know just when to use that soft purr-meow combination, too.
opus88, Jan 08, 2013
Oh yeas I sure can see why this little girl is so special to you....she is just adorable, love the pose ....her coloring is just so unique...cute!!!!