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Big smile!
Big smile!
Comments (9)
1779215 tn?1349141170
Mom2boys1980, Jan 30, 2013
Oh my we have the same bouncer
1779215 tn?1349141170
Mom2boys1980, Jan 30, 2013
He's very cute :-)
1351078 tn?1416316746
retta483, Jan 31, 2013
handsome boy !
1580318 tn?1492443745
Shannon79, Feb 01, 2013
He loves that exer saucer!
961574 tn?1462909130
mhv, Feb 14, 2013
What a handsome lil guy!!!!  Love his eyes!!!
1580318 tn?1492443745
Shannon79, Feb 15, 2013
He has big beautiful blue eyes! And crazy long eyelashes just like his older brother and dad. It's not fair!
1779215 tn?1349141170
Mom2boys1980, Feb 19, 2013

Both my boys too have long eye lashes, my daughter not sure yet. I'm jealous of those lashes...LOL
1580318 tn?1492443745
Shannon79, Feb 19, 2013
LOL so am i! Us girls have to curl them and mascara the heck out of them!
My DF has to trim his lashes so they don't brush up against the lenses of his glasses! I want to keep his lashes trimmings and glue them to mine
334926 tn?1436815123
butterflybabies, Feb 19, 2013
What a cutie pie!