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different brand hpt 16 dpo
different brand hpt 16 dpo
Comments (17)
dscoqn, Feb 03, 2013
Believe it or not you get these from the supermarket over here.  They look like internet cheapies, I know!
tones99, Feb 03, 2013
Wow. So much darker!!!  I love it. Go hubby for coming through with the goods
laureninlove, Feb 03, 2013
Well done to your man also, hopefully this is a little more reassuring as its fantastic! 16DPO and looks like its meant to be a sticky =)
mandaszoo, Feb 03, 2013
This looks great!! Really dark > Really happy for you : )
Sherri90049, Feb 03, 2013
Looks great, Kahli! So dark! Hope that puts your mind at ease a little bit! xx
bfromthed, Feb 03, 2013
Looks great! Nice and bright!
butterflybabies, Feb 03, 2013
I agree nice and dark! How's the spotting?
dscoqn, Feb 03, 2013
Thanks ladies!  Spotting is hardly there which is reassuring.  I wish my clinic would hurry up and decide about the heparin - they seem to be dragging their decision out.  I don't really know why they can't decide - I had a massive blod clot with Ruby which caused me to go into pre-term labour and I have a blood clotting disorder, hello?!?!?!
frank_noahsmommy, Feb 03, 2013
That looks great!
melimeli, Feb 03, 2013
so glad baby is sticking!  Can you get a second opinion on the heparin?