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jimi1822, Mar 16, 2013
Handsome =0)
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aheart, Apr 02, 2013
Yes perfect name for this one, he is precious and one of a kind, and I'll bet he loves his life!
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laurel453, May 08, 2013
wow, beautiful whiteface :) good luck, boy
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ShaBay52, Aug 22, 2013
Cool pup! I have 3 Rott's
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VICourageous, Aug 22, 2013
Oh ShaBay, You brought up my Boy. He is 11 now and they can not stay and play at the river as long as they used to. They get sore. Oh how sweet this was to look at
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Molytex, Aug 23, 2013
Love dogs - and he is very cute
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msdelight, Jan 01, 2014
Your beautiful boy is so handsome! You should use this as your profile pic for a little bit.!!
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clean_in_ks, Jan 01, 2014
Good idea, MSD!  I vote for that, too, Vic!  Whiteface as your profile pic...what say you about THAT idea girl???
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weaver71, Jan 01, 2014
You name your dogs like I do. What do they look like, how do they act, what is their purpose? Pot Licker was the dumbest dog I ever had. Brindled, Shepherd, and Heeler made up for raising a Pot Licker though.
3197167 tn?1348972206
clean_in_ks, Jan 01, 2014
That's funny Weav.....growing up I ALWAYS had to share my dog with 5 other siblings.  So when I FINALLY got to a place in my life when I could have a puppy to grow old with.....I lived in So Calif (at that time) and went to "Canine and Feline Adoption Center".....oh my many to hard to pick!!
I kept walking around and around, and this mixed breed with shepherd coloring, a white star on her chest and some white on her big paws, a beagle face and floppy ears, a hound dog "bump" on her head just wooed me, she did.....I fell in LOVE with her.  So, as you did in naming yours....what was her purpose?
I named her HAPPY!!!!!!  She was with me until she was too old to go on....14 yrs though....what a delight she was...and her gentle spirit is still with me always~