Acceptance Mudra
Acceptance Mudra
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Dalubaba, Apr 26, 2013
This can be called yes mudra.I do not know Sanskrit name for this mucra.
Dalubaba, Jun 12, 2013
swikruti mudra   in hindi/sanskrit. Swikruti means acceptance.Interesting story behind this mudra.If you know the story of Ramayam, it will be easy to understand importance of this mudra. By doing this mudra, you accept whatever happens. This produces real happiness.Lot of postings on acceptance.
MYoungAtHeart, Jun 12, 2013
This is a very restful mudra...I have been using it this morning.....I like how the forefinger, the pointer is in a bent over position like a bowing to the universe to accept all that is happening...When not pointing the forefinger at ourselves or
others, life is invited in and we find acceptance much easier....

Dalubaba, Jun 13, 2013
This is a good interpretation.