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A Picture Of The Wind
A Picture Of The Wind
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MYoungAtHeart, Jun 05, 2013
The photographers greatest challenge is to shoot tiny flowers even when the wind is blowing
at 40 MPH.....These are my little pink cherry tree flowers that are so tiny and fragile that if
I didn't go out and try to capture them, the wind was going to blow them all away soon.
The background is the wind tossing and throwing all the little buds around but the one
in front stopped just long enough for me to capture it with my camera.  

Copyrighted by me, No use or sharing allowed without my written permission~ M Designz

Dalubaba, Jun 05, 2013
Par excellence is the word one will shout when one align with the flower. When you were photographing, I was probably trying some mudras, remembering Apan Mudra.
Dalubaba, Oct 03, 2014
You captured them before they go with the wind.