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Just been born - 11:59 pm - 26/09/13 - 9 pounds, 3 oz
Just been born - 11:59 pm - 26/09/13 - 9 pounds, 3 oz
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Des_a_rae, Oct 04, 2013
Awww welcome to the world Little Man!!  I'm sooo thankful your mommy and daddy have you in their arms finally.  Congratulations to you both!! He is beautiful!!
nola0805, Oct 04, 2013
Welcome Hunter.  We have all been waiting for you!! So glad that you are here safe and sound.
butterflybabies, Oct 04, 2013
Everytime I see his pic I get choked up, after everything you 2 have been through to finally have him in your arms is just wonderful! I also love how he made you guys wait till all day and come at the last minute lol
Heather3418, Oct 05, 2013
I couldn't say it any better than Lily. (Butterflybbaies)  Your story of how you got this miracle child at this stage in your life, would make a wonderful book.  Hunter is your miracle, handsome little man.  I am sorry that you had to wind up having a c-section, but if it was the safest way for Hunter to come into the world, I know it must have been worth it.  You both are truly an amazing couple.  Now it's time for me to sit down and go through a box of tissues.  I just can't hold back the tears any longer.  Tears of joy and happiness.....Happy Birthday, Hunter.  Welcome to the world, little man.  Even at 9 pds, 3 ozs.  Thank you dear Lord for this precious gift of life and love....
Juliannamom, Oct 06, 2013
Welcome hunter to a beautiful family that has waited so long for you.!
hopeitworks, Oct 14, 2013
I am so happy for you this is a gorgeous pic gave me goosebumps to see