House, mountain and trees
House, mountain and trees
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Dalubaba, Sep 02, 2014
A heavenly heaven.
jemma116, Sep 02, 2014
Thank you Dalubaba.
This picture was taken last year and in the Glen Affric which is part of the Scottish Highlands in the UK.
My husband who is a bit of an "expert" on photography says that there is too much shadow on the picture and that I need to do some work on it.  Working on it means manipulating the image in Photoshop.

We will be going there again this year in the autumn for the autumnal colours - but you can never guarantee how things will look, nor the weather.

Hope you are keeping well.
njcelt, Sep 03, 2014
Wow, heaven on earth is exactly what I thought. I would really enjoy owning any home on that ridge , of places. I would be living in paradise