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My kitty Butch in his new sweater
My kitty Butch in his new sweater
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739294 tn?1235693267
ffmedic11, Jan 30, 2009
this picture just made me is the cutest picture every :)
363281 tn?1353103243
SassyLassie, Jan 30, 2009
AWWWW, thank you. LOL it sure does not make him smile, he does not like it.
Avatar f tn
Please_Help950, Apr 04, 2009
Awww, he's really adorable! I love all kinds of animals :)
657315 tn?1319494987
twehner5, Apr 14, 2009
OMGosh!  My furry divas would DIE if I put sweaters on them.  But, the poor things don't even have their pics on my MH page!  At least this handsome boy does!  Can't say that I've seen too many cats wearing sweaters...That is CUTE!
547913 tn?1317359267
jimi1822, Oct 18, 2009
Hey Butch, cool sweater =0)
363281 tn?1353103243
SassyLassie, Oct 18, 2009
LOL, he did not think so, he licked it so much, it got shredded. Bad kitty. He He
996946 tn?1449411700
LindaTX, Jan 25, 2010
Butch is a real cutie-pie! :-))  Hey, hope you are doing well.  Are you still taking the hawthorne and motherwort?
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Freedom46, Aug 27, 2014
OMG!!!! How cute. I love animal pictures, you never know what their expressions are gonna be.
363281 tn?1353103243
SassyLassie, Sep 04, 2014
Thank you Freedom, he was a neat kitty, I sure do miss him.