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Oct 13, 2012
"Hey girl, it's me! Doctors, in my mind, always have some idea. It's hard for me to give an opinion on the drugs v no drugs. My dad was too far gone that no treatment was offered to him. I can understand your dad wanting to live the r..."
Oct 11, 2012
"Oh honey, truly, it's a compliment, so don't feel bad about it!! I had my third baby at the end of June & I carried small with all three of my pregnancies. People who were just acquaintances were all surprised to see me with my babies ..."
Aug 03, 2012
"Congratulations on your transfer!!! I never got to do a blastocyst transfer, but my third child was concieved with a three day transfer & came from either a 7-cell or 9-cell embryo. All I can tell you is my experience. With my first..."
Jul 28, 2012
"OK, just butting in here to see how your transfer went. Sounds good! Update me here or on fb! Got everything super-crossed for you. And remember rest up the first few days & no heavy lifting until your test! Big hugs! XOX"
Jul 25, 2012
"Wow, you have a transfer of a blastocyst coming up!!!! I'm truly excited for you!!! I've got three kids now. The first two conceived easily via IUI, but baby #3 took much longer to concieve. Three failed IUIs, two failed IVFs (ICSI..."
Jun 29, 2012
"You are so welcome hun! I remember with my firstborn, I had so many women telling me their birthing 'horror' stories, & I hated hearing them, but I think it can be really helpful to hear the honest stories. And to remember that lik..."
Jun 28, 2012
"Thank you everyone for your congratulations on my little girl!!! I am so, so lucky to have been able to complete my family - my heart melts every time my 6yr old son & 3yr old daughter run over to kiss Marietta or hold her! Now, abou..."
Jun 27, 2012
"...And everyone! Yes my dear, I'm overjoyed to say I finally gave bith to my daughter safe & sound at 39weeks!!! My beautiful little MARIETTA ROSINA PATRICIA was born Monday, 25 June at exactly 6:00am, & I am so, so happy & in love..."
Jun 13, 2012
"Wow, you might not be gaining, but those twins are doing really well!! What great weights!!! I don't think I'll be getting on MH much so just want to wish everyone good health in their 3rd trimesters! I've been having really painful..."
Jun 12, 2012
"Oh Lily, I hope the cramping eases. Keep up the water intake & hopefully they will subside. I'm feeling a bit crampy myself, but of course, I'm over 37wks. I'm thinking of you hun. XOXOXO"