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38 minutes in the Herpes Community - 2
did you give yourself hsv1 in your eyes? no you did not. changing your habits like you have is the best thing to do for many reasons :) grace
39 minutes in the Herpes Community - 4
You will both need to check to see if herpes was a part of your std testing you had done. Most clinics do not include herpes igg blood testing with their routine std testing so be sure to check. could this be herpes? It sounds more like irritation or even a fungal infection but he'll need to follow up on his symptoms to be sure. grace
40 minutes in the Herpes Community - 2
no, there is not a test that can tell exactly who she got it from. If one of her partners tests negative for hsv2, then she knows she didn't get it from that partner. If both of her partners test + for hsv2, no way to know which one infected her. make sure she reads the free herpes handbook by Terri Warren or picks up her book "the good news a...
42 minutes in the Herpes Community - 5
are you talking to a professional for help working through all these feelings? grace
43 minutes in the Herpes Community - 3
the skin on your hands is too thick for the virus to penetrate without obvious lesions. it isn't a risk to your gf if no symptoms are present on your hands. do you also have hsv2 genitally? grace
44 minutes in the Herpes Community - 7
no, it's most likely only hsv1 genitally you have. genital herpes ob's don't linger for 2 months like this without healing. Did you see a gyn when you were told you had a yeast infection or did you just go to a walk in clinic? Did they do actual testing to detect yeast or just assume you had a yeast issue? As Fleetwood said earlier, you ...
2 hours in the Herpes Community - 14
almost anything in the genital area will resemble genital herpes. don't work yourself up needlessly.
16 hours in the Herpes Community - 2
yes, you can use a testing service as long as you've waited at least 3 months post encounter. grace
16 hours in the Herpes Community - 2
Your gyn needs to update their testing information for herpes. the false positives are a real issue and any results under 5 in folks who have never had any genital symptoms need to be confirmed with further testing. You pursuing the WB for herpes to confirm your negative hsv2 status was the best thing you could do. If your gyn continues to insist that you ha...
16 hours in the Herpes Community - 1
it's best if you just keep adding to your original post instead of making new ones. If you can answer the questions posed to you by HowardH in your original post, it would help us help you a lot more. thanks!! grace