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Sep 20, 2013 in the STDs - International Expert Forum - 7
Hello, Provided the condoms remained in place and intact, there would have been no risks of any STI, and certainly no risk at all of HIV infection. It is called 'safe sex' for a reason. Best wishes, Dr José
Hola, Lo primero asegurarle que no ha ahbido ningun riesgo de VIH para Usted en esta relación. Así mismo, sus resultados negativos son totalmente fiables y concluyentes. La vacuna no puede afectar la fiabilidad de estos tests. Como mucho lo unico que podría haber causado es un resultado falso positivo, lo que no es el caso. Un saludo, Dr José
Sep 16, 2013 in the HIV - International Expert Forum - 4
Hello, This is certainly ridiculous! You have either had receptive anal sex or not! If you are not sure yourself, how can advise you? You would always know if you have been penetrated anally. Therefore it does not sound that it happened and therefore you were not at risk. Besides you were given medication (PEP) under a false pretence as you did not put yo...
Sep 16, 2013 in the HIV - International Expert Forum - 4
Hello, None of these symptoms can be related to HIV as it is far too early. Most symptoms of sero-conversion would normally start after 2 weeks of a possible infection. The risk of contracting HIV through unprotected vaginal intercourse, assuming that the man was positive, is estimated at 3%. Not knowing the status of the man, the risk would be much lower...
Sep 13, 2013 in the HIV - International Expert Forum - 3
Hello, I believe that your risks are generally quite low, because most of the sexual intercourse was protected and it seems that the urethra was still covered throughout. However with condom accidents, there is always the possibility of STDs, mainly the common ones, like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, and therefore I would recommend that you get a full STD scree...
Sep 11, 2013 in the HIV - International Expert Forum - 3
Hello, Obviously if there was a significant amount of blood inside of her mouth and she was HIV positive, there would be a risk of HIV infection and if she might have caused perhaps some damage on your penis with her teeth, even though all this sounds like a very unusual event, and receiving oral sex does not normally pose any HIV risk as saliva would neutra...
Sep 11, 2013 in the STDs - International Expert Forum - 3
- At the middle of the session the erection started to go down and penetration was difficult for a moment. Changed position and the session continued. im worried the the condom might have rolled up. it was always on but probably rolled up 2 times. but never completely...maybe half way at the most. i pulled it back down with my hands. no open wounds in my ha...
Hola, Le puedo asegurar que una situación como la descrita no le habría puesto a riesgo de infección por VIH. Por lo tanto ninguno de sus síntomas pueden tener relación con VIH. Así mismo no sabe si los síntomas de dolor de garganta fueron de Gonorrea, ya que no se ha hecho una prueba. Es extremadamente dificil contraer Gonorrea a través de realizar sexo ...
Sep 09, 2013 in the HIV - International Expert Forum - 1
Hello, No, no risk of HIV infection to you, even if she was HIV positive. Best wishes, Dr José
Sep 09, 2013 in the HIV - International Expert Forum - 4
1. Am I in the risk of getting HIV and why? NO, NO RISK AT ALL. YOU WOULD ONLY BE AT RISK OF HIV THROUGH UNPROTECTED PENETRATION AND IF THE LADY WAS POSITIVE. 2. Can I get HIV if the CSW's hands were bleeding and touched the wound on my anus simultaneously? THERE WOULD NEED TO BE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF BLOOD, AND EVEN SO, THE RISK WOULD STILL BE NEG...