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Oct 24, 2010
"i had the mirena one put in right after my son was born 4 yrs ago...and had it in for 3 yrs sucessfully. actually i dont remember any spotting the first time, since i was still bleeding from having the baby, but then i didnt get my perio..."
Oct 11, 2010
"another update: 10/10/10....well, here i sit in my house STILL with my husband, after reneging on the apartment, and losing 200$ as well on the deal, all because of a guilt trip on his part. maybe deep inside i wanted him to beg for me t..."
Sep 10, 2010
"heres an im not wanting things to turn too messy or ugly, i feel i am a reasonable person with a clear mind...i have decided to rent an apartment with the kids in town 5 mins away from our house. it is in the same school dis..."
Sep 05, 2010
"ive thought long and hard for the past 5 yrs about this but never had the bullocks to do anything about it, so verbally and emotionally beat down, not thinking i could ever manage without him, so dependant on him like a father, he is jus..."
Sep 03, 2010
"well, currently im totally disabled, and its not going to change status anytime in my life at this point, started with 3 discw in 04, since oct 09 2 more discws in thorasic, so im on SSD for good. so i will always be able to be home ..."
Sep 03, 2010
"ill try to keep this short & sweet...been together since 2000, and in 04 had my daughter, 06 had my son. had some addiction issues and been clean since march 22 2007. he refuses to won his alcohol issues (his problem not mine now) we..."
Sep 02, 2010
"my advice is stay away from all psyches at ALL COSTS! they put you on meds that they dont 'exactly know' how it affects brain chemistry, im getting off lamictal as we speak, going through massive marriage issues, finanical issues, and i ..."
May 28, 2010
"My son just turned 4 in may, and he is SO resistant of pooping in the potty, and we have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get him to go in the toilet, but he just wont go. I know he can control it, because he wont poop anywhere but at h..."
Oct 11, 2009
"one word...bromhydrosis. i believe thats how its spelled...i have hiperhydrosis all over, and sweat more in my grion, as well as backs of my knees, and lower back, esp my hands and feet. the older i get, it seems the worse it gets. HH is..."
Sep 29, 2009
"thanks for the insight to the lovaza, i had no idea there were so many side effects from fish oil! is it the omega 3 and some other pharmacutical conction, or just a mega dose of fish oil? im allergic to statins, they cause really bad sh..."