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Oct 02, 2009 in the Bipolar Disorder Community - 1
I've only been on MedHelp for a week, and over that weeks I have been filling out my Mood Tracker... I always knew I should be concerned... but it's starting to look like Manic Depressive. I did a little reading and with all the symptoms and such it sound like maybe I am Bi-Polar Type II. They say it's often only treated as depression becuase...
Sep 26, 2009 in the Anxiety Community - 6
Coming off Paxil is hard... so I recommend doing it while you're still on a low dose. Paxil, I've heard, is the most addictive anti-depressant you can use. I just recently went cold turkey off 50mg/day and it was really rough. I got sweats and a TERRIBLE headache, I couldn't think straight for a couple days. ( I went off Paxil because the p...
Sep 25, 2009 in the Chiropractic Care Expert Forum - 1
I have scoliosis and have tried multiple forms of treatment. I tried physio therapy... but the results only reduced my pain a bit and it took several months. I have tried chiropractry, and teh relief is immediate, but not complete and does not last for more than a week... I don't have the money to go to a chiropractor taht often. I have tried narcotic...
Sep 25, 2009 in the Anxiety Community - 3
I had a diagnosis of PTSD after a car backed into me while I was walking with my baby. I keep thinking taht the cars on the road are going to swerve and hit me. How can I make this stop? Help?
Sep 25, 2009 in the Endometriosis Community - 1
In July 08, after having a beautiful baby girl in May, I had an IUD inserted... unfortunately the dr screwed up and punctured my uterus, placing the IUD in my abdomen. The IUD then travelled left and implanted itself in my bowel. 7 days after insertion in was removed via laparoscopy. I still have pain everywhere the IUD was... whenever I have a full bladde...
Sep 25, 2009 in the Acne Community - 6
I'm 22 now and am still suffering from really bad acne on my face chest and back. I have scars everywhere. I have tried over the counter and prescription treatments... I have tried changing my diet, and nothing makes it stop... Help?
Sep 25, 2009 in the Postpartum Depression (PPD) Community - 1
I had a beautiful baby girl in May of 08, but I think I'm still suffering from post-partum. I have terrible visions/thoughts of harming my baby and it has me scared to do a lot of things... I have never acted, but am so scared. What do I do? Is this normal?