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Nov 05, 2012
"I'm 27 years old I'm about 5 weeks and 2 days due July 6th this will be my 4th child and I can say this pregnancy was planned I'm happy!! "
Feb 04, 2012
"ya im praying it's nothing as well still hasn't gone to see a doctor yet, thank u for the information i appreciate it."
Feb 03, 2012
" okay thank u! he say's it dont hurt though i been trying to look at it with out him noticing that im trying to look to see if it's still there he get's mad when i try to tell him see a doctor wish he wasn't so stubborn about situations ..."
Feb 01, 2012
"so sorry for the confusion he told me he had it when he was little than it came back again last month. he is more like gaining weight since he stop smoking so no weight loss he dont sweat at night last time he had a fever was last year ..."
Jan 30, 2012
"just reading ur story i deal with the same situations having anxiety my boyfriend is verbally abusive as well,i have ocd,im hypo too. im 26 i had these for 9 years there are times where i would feel so sleepy think i sleep for 15 hours s..."
Jan 30, 2012
"are u sexually active? that could be a reason for you'r symptoms or you could be getting a yeast infection also a urinary tract infection the best thing is to see a doctor to get it takin care of right away."
Jan 30, 2012
"i deal with anxiety as well and ocd, for a long time i was dependent on soda i would feel sick after drinking a pepsi i would go back and drink more so i realize i had to stop drinking soda i feel better. what kind of anxiety do u have i..."
Jan 30, 2012
"i get those as well but i get them in my neck area going from my shoulder area straight up to my head it dose hurt like hell when it happen's i read about symptoms like this so far that i understand is it could be the nervous system or m..."
Jan 30, 2012
"i talked to my babies doctor about potty training my 2 year old son and he is scared of the toilet the doctor said he's only 2 dont rush him into potty trainig just once in a while sit him on the training toilet even with his clothes on ..."
Jan 30, 2012
"so yesterday i notice that my fiance has a lump under his jaw line on the right side he said it's always been there it seems to get swollen when he drinks beer he stop smoking a month ago he had this lump since last month it look's notic..."