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Sep 16, 2010
"I sent you an email, and a link to my journals that document my journey with thyroid cancer, and my treatments. It was just about a year ago, and I was doing the same thing you are. Glad to see you asking questions, and researching! We..."
Apr 20, 2010
"Check into autoimmune I had all the "normal" results on every test my doctor could order. My doctor ordered on one trip 11 blood test, the nurse was afraid to do 11 blood draws in me LOL I told her that my doctor was on a scavenger hunt...."
Apr 08, 2010
"try clicking on the persons name the colored name, it should take you to their personal page so you get a response. post in the forum don't always let someone know that there is a new post. gald to hear they got it out and there is no sp..."
Mar 16, 2010
"Hi there Kspitzke my RAI lil sister :) I hope you are doing well, and I am glad you are on your way to getting better. I am super sorry you have had so many challenges. I felt so bad when I read you had been to the ER so many times. ..."
Mar 15, 2010
"I felt better than I had in ten years after my TT. It took about one week and I felt so much better. Take it one day at a time, you'll be amazed with the results. "
Mar 15, 2010
"34 days ago I gobbled down my Fermi toxic drippin's ...err...I mean my RAI-131 100mci dose. Total thyroidectomy in Nov 2009. I was on Cymtomel only hypo hell for 17 days+ TSH over 200 before taking the RAI pill I been on Levothyroxi..."
Mar 08, 2010
"Heya love! Welcome to the club. You paid your dues, you're in my club :) I had RAI on Feb 10th after a grueling 21 days of no meds. I thought I wouldn't make it. I cried a lot, miserable, pain, felt awful, brain was jello...then pudding...."
Feb 26, 2010
"Welcome to the community :) I just went through some of what you and your wife are going through. If I can help in any way, just send me a message. She should do really well. Being told cancer is in charge of your life and body is ne..."
Feb 23, 2010
"awww shucks *kicks the dirt* XOXO just trying to pay it forward- mainly miss Utah here has done that for me the last few months of my journey. We're all here, more of us lurking, not posting ...just reading, praying and cheering from ..."
Feb 23, 2010
"As a family we chose to remove wheat, all forms of dairy and additives from our diet for 1.5 years. My oldest child has troubles in school. The school tried one label, then another...finally the school psychologist figured it out...both ..."