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Dec 22, 2011
"I can tell you with all my heart that you will feel better. I promise. I comend you for going off the shot and getting your life back. Look up some liver and bowel cleanses on Google. Stay away from any white foods. Eat Beef, Chicken,..."
Dec 21, 2011
"I agree with some but not all of what you are saying. Please don't misguide anyone. 1) The old calories in-calories out theory is wrong. It's what you eat not how much, and in what combination that matters: So someone can eat 1000 ca..."
Dec 11, 2011
"Yes, your cleanses helped the process, you do have PMS, your hormones are normalizing, I recommend the Mirena instead of the Pill. Sounds like you are coming along very well! You can lose the weight. Stay away from sugar, breads, a..."
Dec 08, 2011
"You can loose the weight with diet-ZERO CARB DIET and cleanses (liver, intestinal) and weight training at the gym. Your metabolism and hormones are changed but you can loose it once you stop the shot and diet,cleanse, lift weights."
Dec 08, 2011
"Yes,The docs do tell you of weight gain. "
Dec 03, 2011
"Weight gain is the same kids or not. A 17 yr. old, no kids, had to be told by her doctor she HAD to go OFF Depo because she gained over a hundred pounds on the shot. She refused because it's such an easy birth control method and she ..."
Nov 30, 2011
"You will continue to gain on Depo Provera. After childbirth, without Depo Provera, you would be loosing weight."
Nov 23, 2011
"Do NOT breastfeed your child while on Depo Provera."
Oct 15, 2011
"Go to It's free and user friendly. It will instantly tell you all your calories and carbs consumed and more. Don't be afraid of natural fat or meat. It burns fat on your body. Avoid sugar and fake fats and fake foods. Cook at..."
Oct 15, 2011
"Dr Jules: If you go back to Depo-Provera, you will gain more weight. Choose a safer alternative, like Mirena, and give up all carbs for the time being. Also research X-syndrome and Metabolic syndromes. This will help. There is a cure. ..."