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Apr 19, 2012 in the Neurology / Neurosurgery Expert Forum - 4
Dear Menzel, Good that you have the basic query answered. But do let us know the result of lumbar puncture. Also your profile mentions about your profession as nurse and age 69. If it's true, then lets get the basic blood parameters checked ( basic blood haemogram and lipid profiles) Hope am clear in my understanding about your age. Please let me know fu...
Sep 18, 2011 in the Rheumatoid Arthritis Expert Forum - 1
Dear StoneCold, There is no other test except CCP test, which is more than 90% sensitive for RA positive patient. Tests like ESR and CRP proves the presence of an inflammatory condition inside the body. The inflammation can be due to other conditions (except RA) like viral fever, reactive arthritis, etc. Hence you can get a CCP done, to know the facts better....
Dear Friend, Crepitus on the neck is due to arthritis. It's more in your case as there has been a C3-5 fusion already done. The only thing presently required is MRI scan of the neck. Reason of MRI scan is - 1) To know the bones and disc condition, inside the C-1 to C7 level. 2) To know, what is the present condition, of your fused vertebras. 3) To...
Aug 04, 2011 in the Back, Spine & Neck Surgery Expert Forum - 3
Hi Friend, Since the X-Ray is perfect, this means there is no issue with the bones. Then what can be the cause? well the structures which are not visible on the X-Ray are the cause. They can be visualized by the MRI. Hence you need to get the MRI done. What you are saying is correct regarding the disc. Disc herniation are of many types and each has different ...
Aug 04, 2011 in the Brain Tumors Expert Forum - 1
Dear Friend, I m so sorry to hear about the injury, but i must say that you are a brave person and are dealing with this issue very nicely. Hippocampus injury can't be rectified, ie no one can make it go back to a stage, where it was , before the injury. Hence we can work on the rehabilitation part and slow down the further consequences, of the same. I w...
Jul 29, 2011 in the Surgery Expert Forum - 2
Dear Friend, If the MRI is showing 50% ACL team then we can consider it to be correct, considering the symptoms you are facing presently. I am a great believer in "Diagnostic Arthroscopy" procedure as it helps to know, even the minute joint details. Also the procedure is a day-care procedure hence admission is for observation purpose only. Persons...
Jul 21, 2011 in the Back and Neck Surgery Expert Forum - 1
Dear Friend, Well back pain can really make a person suffer a lot. Especially in the area of work. Your name suggests that your are a chef. So what i presume is that you spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen and doing lot of movements as well as occasionally carrying heavy items. So you are bound to get a bad back ache. And since it's sometimes ass...
Jul 15, 2011 in the Headaches Expert Forum - 3
Dear Friend, Allergy related events are commonly associated with itching. Hence i agree with you that it's not allergy related. Good part is that you are already done with the CT scan and it was normal. Hence i am re-assuring you that it's not related to any tumor or any other brain or skull related pathology. But why exactly it's happening, c...
Jul 05, 2011 in the Headaches Expert Forum - 1
Dear Friend, Well it appears to be - 1) Mild symptom of "Stroke" or 2) Sudden Posture related unwanted movements. Since it has not affected any of your sensory as well as motor system, we should not be worrying too much. Hence, please book up an appointment with a radiologist, for getting the CT scan done at your convinient timings. This will ...
Jun 30, 2011 in the Back, Spine & Neck Surgery Expert Forum - 2
Dear Sharon, As per the description, the problem appears to be a bit related to the anterolisthesis and the formainal narrowing. Anterolisthesis means that the allignment of the 2 bones (L5-S1) has been lost and the S-1 has moved forwards, as compared to it's normal anatomical position. Foraminal Narrowing means that the foramen ( outlets of the spi...