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Mar 18, 2012 in the Urology Community - 1
if it smells fruity or sweet smell and be dark in color it could be diabetes. That is what made me have my levels checked. Mine was just dark and smelled awful. Even my hubby noticed. No mater how much water I drank the smell was still there. I went and got checked and my levels were 430. I hope this helps. God speed
Feb 07, 2012 in the Respiratory Disorders Community - 2
thank u so much. I bought one and it seems to help with nose congestion. I am not so sure about my lungs. My blood pressure is better. I am not sure if the results are real or imagined.
Jan 20, 2012 in the Respiratory Disorders Community - 2
Does any one know about what effects a salt pipe would have on copd. thank you so much
Nov 09, 2011 in the Gastroenterology Community - 2
have u had abdominal surgery of any kind? c section, apendix or anything like that? If u have u could have scar tissue that has grown onto ur upper or lower bowel. You can get those when ur organs have been exposed to air. Some times even a little scar tissue can be very painful. The scar tissue is like little fingers that attach where ever the air exposure ...
Nov 09, 2011 in the Respiratory Disorders Community - 3
You may not have COPD. x rays and a good lung doctor could help more than a regular MD. I don't cough a whole lot unless I have an exacerbation. then I am treated with pregnozone. My regular treatment is spiriva, pro air, symbicort. I take 2 mucinex and 1 loraterdane. please excuse spelling. Good luck and God's speed
Aug 30, 2011 in the Respiratory Disorders Community - 3
It could be anxiety. Anxiety can come on a person when nothing is going on and when you are at rest. Anxiety fits all you describe. If the meds are not helping either they are not right for you or it is something else. Have you had your heart and lungs checked out? I ask because it could also be a lung problem. You said you smoked and you have a pain in y...
teko has given excellent advice. You probably have sleep apnea and might benefit from a cpap Above all keep your chin up and live a full and productive life. Learn as much as u can that keeps the fear factor in check. Good luck and keep us informed.
That is weird. I would have guessed heart attack or at least a heart ailment. A brain bleed is also a possibility. Poison it seems to me to be one of those things that would take a while. The tox screen should show something but some poisons take special tests. I would think the ME would refer this case to homicide. If nothing shows it will be listed as undet...
There is a blood test to determine nicotine in the blood stream but they do not test for that when dealing with people like us with copd. Just tell them when you go in and don't get your feelings hurt when they don't believe you. Everyone here has given you great advice. I really liked hava's comments. I had never heard that one before. I tha...
Mar 07, 2011 in the Healthy Cooking Community - 5
hi My husbands heart Doctor said if I had to fry foods use olive oil. They recommended not to fry but once or twice a week. God"s speed