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Feb 18, 2011 in the Adrenal Insufficiency Community - 5
Would you believe I'm still waiting for that test! Chasing it up again today after an outrageous letter from my doctors indicated pretty strongly that they are a complete shambles there. (more info on my blog if your interested) CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy, apparently has been helpful in some cases of fatigue syndrom...
Jan 24, 2011 in the Adrenal Insufficiency Community - 5
hi both of you, I love both your handles and thanks so much for taking the time to answer. I will Goggle James Wilson. I didn't even mention the adrenal exhaustison diagnosis to my endocrinologist having seen how contoroversial it seems to be but spontaneously he said he wanted to run more checks on my cortisol, "it's been tested before but we ...
Jan 08, 2011 in the Adrenal Insufficiency Community - 5
I was diagnosed with hashimotos 18 months ago. My thyroid hormones levels now look good (upper end of the range for FT3 and FT4, TSH less than 1) but I still don't feel great. I've been referred to a new doctor, a fatigue specialist. she says I also have adrenal exhaustion, but I think my cortisol levels were measured and seemed fine, I'm not s...
Dec 24, 2010 in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community - 24
hey there, wishing you a happy christmas, don't go chucking up tomorrow, you know it's bad for you. sending a hug. xx
Dec 13, 2010 in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community - 24
Oh dear, that makes it tricky I guess. This will make you laugh, when I was your age, if I wanted to call anyone I would use a phone box on the street! I guess they are pretty rare these days! Oh the world is all changed and I am all out of date! what about a sympathetic teacher, or your doctor then? could you try one of them? xx
Dec 10, 2010 in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community - 24
oooh, well here's a couple of things to think about. just because you are not exactly like your sister doesn't mean that you might not actually have some similar issues that you just don't recognise as similar....not all eating disorders are the same, human beings are much more complicated than that. your Mum is maybe in denial and not ...
Dec 07, 2010 in the Alternative Therapies Community - 7
yeh! this is a great suggestion - pranayama is brilliant!!! it sounds so weird but it is powerful stuff!!
Dec 07, 2010 in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community - 24
hey Hearrtt honestly love, throwing up is a really bad idea. even a tiny bit. it can cause all sorts of problems with your teeth, your breath, your skin and your overall health, it's so not good for you. And if you are feeling like you are revolting and too big and nauseaus, well something's not right is it? Sometimes people can get a bit hys...
Dec 03, 2010 in the Alternative Therapies Community - 7
hi there why not try a SAD light, I've heard they can be really effective and you can usually try one for a month before you decide if you want to keep it. People that it works for apparently feel an improvement within days. Might be worth a try! I''m a big believer in trying solutios other than pills. lots of things other than what we p...
Nov 06, 2010 in the Thyroid Disorders Community - 7
lol! love your no nonsense approach nurse primrose - and great name! :) you tell it like it is!