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Nov 25, 2010
"ooo i'm so sorry Amanda....i dont blame u for taking a break from here. thank goodness u have Ryder to keep ur spirits up...and one day he'll have a sibling. big hugs to u. melissa"
Nov 24, 2010
"HI Amanda, i am praying for u as well..u have always been positive and now i think we all should give u the support that u need. u r a wonderful lady and mommy...dont forget that. hope ur lil break gives u a chance to rest...and ag..."
Oct 31, 2010
"hi there i came across ur note...i wanted to say that i'm in the same boat. i never felt any kicks and i'm at 32 weeks...just tiny light flutters at the bottom of my belly. the dr said i had an anterior placenta which would prevent me to..."
Jun 03, 2010
"HI there, i just read your post. my fsh was 14 and i only had 4 follicles as well, except when i did my first ivf i only had one follicle. i was given a 5-10% chance of it working bec my ovarian reserve is diminishing and was devestated...."
Feb 11, 2010
"Hi Ladies, as i suspected my clinic cancelled this ivf...this protocal was heading for disaster....i was so against the suprefact to start and told them today and now they told me to stop taking it....they want me to go back next mont..."
Feb 08, 2010
"thinking of you and praying all went well today with your ER! to everyone else, hope you are all doing well & hanging in there... as for me i dont know what's going has not arrived...was off the bcp since jan 31st...has an..."
Feb 04, 2010
"HI All, i feel like i'm the one lagging behind on this forum...hope to catch up soon. still doing the suprefact injections on my thigh and taking aspirin. i am still waiting for my period before i could start the stims...hopefully th..."
Feb 03, 2010
"HI All, wow congrats to all the BFP's! i hope everyone on here is that lucky!!!!! i'm still a bit behind...hopefully going for day 0 us/bw tomorrow and will be advised if i take the stims... good luck ladies, Melissa "
Feb 02, 2010
"HI there, when i did my hsg last year, the re told me i had an abnormal uterus and that may cause m/c . he kept asking me if i had m/c in the past...anyhow, after doing a saline sono, he discovered i had a fibroid in my uterus but it..."
Jan 28, 2010
"Babs i'm so sorry. Pls be strong. it's amazing that you have 10 good blastocysts. it will work for you next time. I started my 1st superfact injection today...not bad at all...i'll be doing my own injections in my thigh. the only thin..."