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10 hours in the Depression Community - 2
Venlafaxine is a very difficult drug to withdraw from without feeling bad. I was on 150mg a day for years, and it took me months to withdraw. I know you have only been on it for a year, but I think you will still get withdrawals. It must be withdrawn from very slowly, and by small increments. I am surprised your doctor did not tell you this. This is a d...
Sep 18, 2014 in the Depression Community - 3
Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I am so sorry you are experiencing problems at the moment. Did you just stop the Zolfot and go straight on to the Wellbutrin? Zaps are like an electric current rushing through your head. I have had them myself, and people experience them when they withdraw from some anti depressants. Usually they settle down, but dif...
Sep 18, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 5
So nice to read you positive comments, and thank you so much for sharing this with us. It gives us all hope. I myself was on anti depressants for over 20 years and they got rid of depression and anxiety. Since stopping them a year ago I do get anxiety, but don't want to go on any medication. Did your anxiety just go away, or did you work really hard ...
Sep 16, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 8
You are not alone, so take comfort in that. Welcome to Medhelp. Anxiety can cause all sorts of worries, and yours is very common. So sorry you are feeling so poorly. Anxiety is so difficult to deal with. I am constantly all of a jitter.
Sep 14, 2014 in the Depression Community - 10
Hello, I hope you will keep posting here, and letting us know how you are. I, myself worry a great deal about people on this site, and like to know how they are. I know you say you were having a bad week, and I do hope you are not as low now. We all understand how you feel, as we have all been there. We are your friends, and like to help each other. Keep...
Sep 12, 2014 in the Depression Community - 3
Can you explain what that is please as I have never heard of it. Is it to help with depression?
Sep 09, 2014 in the Depression Community - 10
Hello. I had depression for over 20 years. I once took an overdose. Do you know what, I am still here, and glad I am. Yes depression can be fought, it may not go completely away, but it can ease, honestly. I battled and battled, and I always told myself that I could win, I could get through the depression. I was in a terrible place when I joined this si...
Sep 09, 2014 in the Depression Community - 14
Hello, I am so sorry you are struggling with depression. I was on anti depressants for over 20 years. Depression is such a difficult illness to cope with.
Sep 09, 2014 in the Depression Community - 14
hello how are you feeling now? Do you think you have got depression?
Sep 04, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 1
Hi I am an old lady who has had anxiety for many years. I live in the UK too. Yes anxiety is difficult to deal with, and I have had bad depression too. I don't think you need to fear that you will get other mental conditions. I am glad you have started CBT. I have never had that and am very interested to know if it will help you. Please keep us u...