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Sep 28, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 2
Keep posting here, and at lease you will have a bit of company in your own home. My problem is the opposite with anxiety, I hate staying in by myself. I am old, live alone, but am still active. Anxiety difficult to deal with.
Sep 28, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 3
Thank you so much for your helpful answer. I do walk quite a bit, and do drink water frequently. As to therapy, I just cannot afford to go privately, and it would be months waiting for one on NHS. I think I can manage without that at the moment. I do journal too, as that really helps. When I get up I am full of anxiety and write down how I am. Does ...
Sep 22, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 1
I am so sorry your daughter was in a car accident. Only suggestion I can make is to ask teacher if he is acting with these ocd tendencies in school. It may be that he only does it when with his mom. Also, if your are really worried, you could be asked to be referred to a child psychologist. Sorry not to be more helpful.
Sep 22, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 1
That is a nice posting, and thank you for telling us about your anxiety problems. There are so many of us, and we all understand how the other person feels. Our anxiety may take different forms, and you are right we are never alone when we come come on here and talk about our problems. I think that helps so much. I was anxiety free when I was on an anti...
Sep 22, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 3
I read many posts here where people suffer anxiety when having to enter a place where there are people, usually strangers, or they are confronting a situation they find difficult. My problem is that I get anxious because I live alone and long for companionship. Does anyone have this problem? I find when I am with other people, I can take my mind of the a...
Sep 20, 2014 in the Depression Community - 3
Hello there just to let you know I am here if you want to talk. You are young, and I am old, but I am lonely and tired too. Do you want to tell us a bit about yourself like have you been diagnosed with depression, and are you on medication? You are not alone here, we are all here to help each other. Please keep posting. We do worry about each other....
Sep 20, 2014 in the Depression Community - 13
I was so sad to read your posting about how ill you have been. I see you have had a lot of helpful advice. I just wanted to say I hope you keep posting here, as it may help. We all understand. Are you still taking the Lexpro, and is it working? Keep us updated.
Sep 20, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 4
I am trying to cope with anxiety without medication. I was on an anti depressant that got rid of depression and anxiety, but since stopping a year ago anxiety has crept slowly back. I do so want to try and manage without medication. I think it depends how severe your anxiety is. I keep myself occupied as best I can as my anxiety is caused by loneliness. ...
Sep 20, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 4
Hello and welcome to this site. I do hope you are able to get your medication soon, as I expect the problems you are experiencing is because you have missed a dose. Let us know how you get on.
Sep 20, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 2
I am not any any medication at all and get anxiety. I get palpitations like you describe, and know it is due to that. If you think the pill may be causing this problem, do you want to stop taking it? We all have memory problems, not unusual, even in one as young as you. It is a problem wondering whether to take pills or not. Are we better on them or with...