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Mar 14
"I'm currently reading up on it all. I've failed on Copaxone, rebif, tecfidera, steroids, Tysabri, and now gilenya. I'm really concerned with the possibility of cancer, and kidney disease. I'm only 38, but I wasn't exactly an angel in my..."
Jan 27, 2015
"hey hun - no I havent had anything like that in my experience. I went JC + after my 12th, went off ty for about 1.5 yrs and now back on it...a bout to have my 7th infusion in a week. My experiences have all been positive and pain free...."
Jan 27, 2015
"Hope everyone is feeling their best today :) It's been a while since I've posted... and disappointed to say my behavior has been to post only when something confusing in happening. It may have been a couple years now, but since then ..."
Nov 29, 2013
"Thank you for your response! I have had an X-ray, but not the other tests you mention. I thought there should be more to the dx itself, so this makes sense. Thanks. "
Nov 26, 2013
"Dx is femoral torsion. From sitting in a W through to teens. It has deformed my hip bones in the rotator. So, PT for next 6 weeks before discussing other options. Those other options are not pretty. "
Nov 26, 2013
"That's the dx the ortho provided. I'm having a difficult time finding any research material online related to adults. I'm 35, female and have sat in a "W" my entire life. Well, I guess I stopped between age 16-18. At around age 31 I ..."
Nov 11, 2013
"Well, woke up today to pain behind right thigh. As if tight muscle in the entire thigh. Right hip aching, too. So odd that this pain is moving around and staying so intense. I'm drinking plenty of water and stretching. Made orthopedic ap..."
Nov 11, 2013
"You've made some touching observations, and welcomed. Thank you. I haven't been through therapy for this although, I suppose I should now that you point out my feelings. It's not that I felt my career defined me, but more so that I was c..."
Nov 10, 2013
"Thanks for your reply, londres. I only recently began the process for ssi and have always been the top earner in our family until after the economic crash and my ms diagnosis. After that, my jobs have been menial and believe me, I've hea..."
Nov 09, 2013
"Ty Ty The weight loss wasn't as difficult as I thought. Only 2.5 months to lose over 5 inches of gut fat! I'm proud :) I've researched a lot about piriformis being common, but also that some of it being related to previous back iss..."