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Jan 08, 2013
"I had horrible postpartum anxiety and panic attacks and I realized they were directly correlated to lack of sleep. If the baby had a bad night I was guaranteed to have at least 1 panic attack the next day or just constant chest pain and ..."
Dec 10, 2012
"The people who should be giving her advice are the pediatrician and lactation consultants. If she needs breastfeeding support encourage her to reach out her local La Leache League. Friends and family tend to overstep their boundaries and..."
Nov 27, 2012
"Be very careful here because this is how many women loose their milk. They did this to my baby in the hospital and it took a couple weeks for us to get regulated. First of all - you will more than likely produce enough milk if you brea..."
Nov 27, 2012
"It's totally normal. :) "
Nov 27, 2012
"Also, have the baby nurse as much as possible to relieve the pressure. Not nursing is not going to solve the problem unless you quit nursing all together - if that is your intention. If it is your intention to nurse, it will take a few w..."
Nov 27, 2012
"When you get a clogged duct mix a teaspoon of turmeric (spice) in a glass of water and drink it. It's kind of gritty, kind of tastes like dirt, but it works very well for unclogging ducts. I know women who have ongoing issues with mastit..."
Nov 27, 2012
"DH and I have been trying to conceive for 4 months with no luck. Last month I weaned my daughter from the breast and this will be the first full cycle without nursing. I had suspicions in the past that maybe the breast feeding was suppre..."
Nov 27, 2012
"If you stop breastfeeding you'll still need to give your baby formula in addition to solid food until he is 1 year old, and then whole milk after that. Babies don't get very much from solids nutritionally for a long time and solid food a..."
Dec 09, 2011
"I am still BF my 12 month old daughter, but I have been having panic attacks associated with my postpardum depression since she was 2 weeks old. I used to have them every day until she was 4 months old , then it dropped to once per week,..."
Nov 17, 2011
"Be careful about the power pumping. I did it when my daughter was about 5 days old because I wanted to get her off formula and 100% on breastmilk. I did it differently by pumping every hour for an entire day. I couldn't pump enough for o..."