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Aug 29, 2011
"Another update - HCG on 8/24 = 896, on 8/26 =2876 :)"
Aug 23, 2011
"Just an update - HCG went from 61 to 179 in 48 hours. Progesterone ony 8.9 - taking supplements. Will update with results."
Aug 18, 2011
"My cycles are very varied - usually between 34-38 days...and ovulate between CD21-25i have never had a luteal phase issue - almost always 13 days. Thanks for the info. I think i am just begin paranoid b/c I have had a miscarriage in the..."
Aug 18, 2011
"So i just took a digitial pregnany test and it was positive. I have been tracking as I wasnt actively trying to conceivne - i have a 6 month old. I thought i had already ovulated when we had unprotected sex, however, i must have ovulate..."
Jul 19, 2010
"UPDATE - Had first ultrasound at 7 w 1 day and the baby measured at exactly 7 w 1 day. And the heart beat was well over 120! "
Jul 02, 2010
"Good Luck today!!!"
Jul 01, 2010
"Oh man, it's just so hard waiting! i dont get my first u/s until 7/14 which seems like an eternity away. I want to get my blood taken again, but my mom says that I am just being a 'stalker' and need to let it be! :) I thought my numbers..."
Jun 30, 2010
"Thanks...i am just so paranoid right now, every ache and pain worries me! "
Jun 30, 2010
"My HCG level at 4 weeks was 188 and then at 4 weeks 2 days 428. I think these are decent, but i have had a miscarriage in the past so of course am overly paranoid. Any thoughts?"
Jun 28, 2010
"UPDATE: Found out I am pregnant at 14dpo after less than one month of taking the Vitex! Praying this one sticks! I did take 2 400 mg of Vitex from CD1 until i received a postive OPK on CD15 (usually I dont get a positive OPK until cd 21 ..."