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Apr 02, 2012
"sorry to hear that. In god's time all things will come. "
Mar 22, 2012
"I know our husbands mean well. Yea my family is very mean and I dont listen to them any more. I have grown to love my self just the way I am and my husband love me for me and thats all that matters to me. I keep shaving and plucking and ..."
Mar 20, 2012
"wow so sorry, turst me I know the feeling. I was taken metformine before to low it but didnt help lower it but some crazy reason it help with the hair. I didnt have to shave every day. My husband is silly like that too. He has yet to cal..."
Mar 19, 2012
"How long did it take to lower your testosterone, I too have very hi levels of testosterone. I have to save my chin every day its so bad. I have the hair loss on my head but now not as much as before the meds, I had lots of hair loss on m..."
Mar 13, 2012
"Have you ever had problems with your eyes before dex? or they just have to run those test just to keep you montor? wow you know so much thanks for that, see I didnt even know thats why I was taking it at night and how long it last in ur ..."
Mar 09, 2012
"Wow sorry to her u have AI. I am so happy they found out I have CAH because I didnt know that my health was bad do to this. She told me that it effects your body as a whole. I was told that they will have to montor me every month to see ..."
Mar 05, 2012
"I am 33 years old I found out that I have congenital adrenal hyperplasia. I have all the wonderful effects from this disease. I didnt know I had it till last month on Feb 12 I found out that I had been living with this and never knew it,..."
Mar 21, 2011
"Im on my 3rd round of femara, I had Ovarian Drilling back in Oct and they put me on the femara right away and have Ov since but no BFP as of yet. It works way better then the clomid I was on it 6 cycles and nothing not one O. Femara has ..."
Jan 05, 2011
"This is very helpful to us all who hve PCOS and want to BF. thanks girls for all the info."
Dec 16, 2010
"wow I know I heard stories and I would love to know one day soon if I would be able to BF."