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Mar 22, 2011
"I stoped at 9 weeks because it was gone...and they said that was fine, no need anymore."
Feb 06, 2011
"Sorry to hear that! I had 2 IVFs before, both betas came back positive, but when I went for the Ultrasound there wasn't heart beating. I just had my Beta today and it is positive again(181). One of my friend ask asked me if I was excited..."
Feb 02, 2011
"Hi I just read you post where you saying that you are not feeling anything. My pregnancy test is on the 6th next Sunday and I'm not feeling anything too. This is my 3 IVFs, plus 3 miscarriage before these IVFs. Just want to say to you, ..."
Jan 26, 2011
"Excellent news!!!! :) . So happy for u! God Bless u 2. "
Jan 23, 2011
"I'll know tomorrow how many fertilized. My transfer is on Wed. About the acupuncture, I start lat week too, but i do feel better than before when I did the others IVFs. I'm going to do 30 min acupuncture before the transfer and 30 min af..."
Jan 23, 2011
"Where is your Clinic?"
Jan 23, 2011
"Hi, it sounds great! Good lucky to u! I just had my ER today(sunday) and had 9 eggs. I'm 41 and it is my third IVF. I'll be doing the transfer on Wed. Best wishes!"
Apr 20, 2010
"Hi, I've been working as a nanny for 10 years. I don't think u r doing some thing wrong, everyone is different. Try not emphazise too much, never compare her with the others. Have u tried to use stickers as a prize? "
Mar 09, 2010
"Hi I had m/c at beginning of Feb too. I had some brown spots and headaches too. This was my 4th miscarriage and I think is normal, I had the symptoms before. Your body was carring a fetus and had already changed, so now is going back to ..."
Mar 01, 2010
"Hi I'm very confused right now. My boss is a cancer doc and I showed her my tests, she said that is a very rare blood disorder and she thinks that there is no medication for that just folic acid. I thought that I have the same what you..."