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Jan 03, 2012
"Hi, i too had lumbar surgery but mine was in 2005 sept. i had a car crash that smashed L1 to S1. I HAVE BEEN GETTING SEVERE SPINAL PAINS FOR SEVERAL YEARS SINCE THE SURGERY, IN FACT ITS WORSE NOW THAN WHEN THEY DID THE SURGERY, i am on ..."
Mar 28, 2011
"hi we have a cat who will be 9 this c oming november and she is extremley trav el sick, we are moving in a couple weeks time and its 340 miles, i dont know what to do as i dont think that the vet will give her something to make her sleep..."
Dec 08, 2010
" Hi, i am also a post roux en y patient. mine was sept 2005, since then i have lost just under 6 stone, i am also severly disabled and have very limited mobility . The gastric bby pass is not reversible im afraid, i have been having..."
Dec 08, 2010
" anyone being told they nees any spinal surgery Please think twice and then think twice again before having it done as i had it done 5 years ago and it has ruined my babk, and my right, i have severe falls as i dont know when my leg is..."
Dec 08, 2010
"Hi, i would either ring your g.p to make an appt or go to a & e. as far as i remember i think that naproxen is related to the asprin family. hope that what i know about this helps you out."
Dec 08, 2010
"Hi from y experiances this is possibil, ask you g.p to put you on a tablet called propranclol,50mg. i take them morning and night and they have stopped my tremors. mine were so severe i scaled myself badly a few times now i have onl..."