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Dec 10, 2011
"yes yes and yes....i kno exactly what u r goin through carnanna i go through this vrynight and vryday of my life and im 26 years old. palpatations they say i get r those and r It of PVC and it happens and its normal...i have called an am..."
Apr 06, 2011
"im 25 i was diagnosed with anxiety/panic...i have medications 4 my symptoms....But i havnt nor not Needed 2 take my meds on/off 4 weeks at a ? is lately out of nowhere at uncomfortable times i experience/get brain buzzin 4 a f..."
Feb 07, 2011
"im having the same problems ur guess is as gud as mine...any1 has any suggestions or answers"
Jan 29, 2011
"yes...i think so im on it i take it when i wake up and sumtimes it will give u insomnia"
Jul 15, 2010
"ur young but i wanna ask u did u or do do drugs of any sort wut so eva..? but becuz that will rise up ur heartbeats up 65% of the cause if not...definately wut u eat like salt foods and caffeine can spark up indefinately ur heartbeats..."
Jul 12, 2010
"hey ? have u or did u or R u still doin any type of drug wut so eva?"
Jul 12, 2010
"hey i feel vrything ur saying and what ur goin through i get these very exact episodes of about nothing and im also still tryin 2 figure out why and how it happens and how 2 prevent it from happening? i can right away say 2 u that it can..."
Apr 19, 2010
"i so kno wut u 25yrs old and experiencing the same things u names RUthy...i have the same things ur having i work out and excercise evryday...and still get chest pains.. and am having trouble dealin with life with having ..."
Apr 14, 2010
"yes i understand what ur saying...and probly wut ur goin through..they tell me that i have anxiety cause exactly what ur saying and exactly how ur saying it is 1 of the symptoms i have when im supposed having a panic attack and or anxiet..."
Apr 12, 2010
"iv been experencin my dose of panic/anxiety as well for the beginning of my last couple months..and let me tell u i understand ur dilemma and they suck... theyve gaven me a prescription of xanax that im spose 2 take about 3 times a da..."