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Hi Dr. Just found out that I am pregnant. I just had my radioactive uptake the first week of October. I have a call into the dr but I am unsure what the dr is going to say. My Tg level 140 and I no longer have my thyroid since 2005. Can you tell me what the dr might say. I am afraid he will tell me to abort the baby.
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Hi dr. Just wondering I just found out today that I am pregnant but I just had a full round of Radioactive uptake done the first week of October. I have a call into my dr but don't know what to expect him to say. They know my levels aren't where they are suppose to be and my papillary thyroid cancer is present in my lungs now but they can'...
I did we just had to make sure my TSH levels were in check. I have had two health and happy boys since then. Good luck on your adventures
Hi Well back in 2005 I had a totalthyroidectomy and right after that I had to have two rounds of 131 in a pill form. Before I had taken the pill radiation form I had to go on a low iodion diet for two weeks then I was to have the pill and then the scan. I don't know why they had me do two rounds of everything. I am in the process of finding some o...
If you need more info. Please look at my journals under the 2nd one listed Reports from Burlington
Would you be concerned? I have had a total thyroidectomy in 05 and diagnosed with cancer at the same time. Since then I have had 2 rounds of 131 radiation and now I am on levothyroxin 0.175. In June 08 the dr didn't tell me that I have cycts that appeared on my ultrasound 4 of them ranging from 2mm to 7 cmm with change in size over the year. They...
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I have just gotten a notice back from Cancer Treatment Centers of America and they want to wait for 3 months and retest. In your opinion is this ok and what type of Doctor should I look for an Endo or an Endo with Diabetis? I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 05 had a total thyroidectomy and two rounds of radiation. Since then everything has been fine...
Feb 04, 2010 in the Thyroid Disorders Community - 2
Ok I just got results from the dr that included a thyroglobylin AB level. What is this? Any information you can provide will be helpful. I didn't even know that this existed.
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Your thyroid shouldn't be behind your ear at all. You should probably go see an ear nose and throat doctor ASAP
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I would just try posting more questions, polls would be good. Story sharing is always fun to read too