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Feb 28, 2010
"Thank you. I am starting to get nervous about the surgery (its 2 days away) I am more nervous I think for the aftermath. The RAI and treatments, the special diet...etc. As far as my symptoms go, I am constantly hungry. starting to get th..."
Feb 27, 2010
"Before I was diagnosed I was losing so much hair, I had bald patches. Gained about 10 pounds and felt tired, worn down, fatigued. I had constant body aches and pains. After I was diagnosed I started taking loevothroid 50mcg. It took abou..."
Feb 17, 2010
"Hello! yes I did get the results of my biopsy. Positive for Cancer- Papillary Carcinoma. :/ I was referred to a surgeon to have a full Thyroidectomy. The particular surgeon that my Endocrinologist wants me to see is on Vacation until ..."
Feb 13, 2010
"Reading these posts are so informational and quickly answering any questions I Have. I was just diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma yesterday. They did a biopsy on a nodule they found in my ishtmus. The endocrinologist said she would se..."
Feb 08, 2010
"I went in to see the Endocrinologist today for a consultation. She did another Ultrasound scan and said that my nodule is just over 1cm. She she did the biopsy right there in her office. Man did that hurt! I didn't expect to be this sore..."
Feb 03, 2010
"Thank you so much. I am seeing an endocrinologist on Monday. I am hoping that they do decide to go with the FNA Biopsy. Just in case :) Thanks again. Diana. "
Jan 30, 2010
"Hello, I am wondering if you can help me figure out what these results mean. Thyroid Ultrasound: ..."
Jan 30, 2010
"Ultrasound results are in: Thyroid Ultrasound: ..."
Jan 26, 2010
"Oh my, that is so aweful for you to suffer THAT long and never see an endocrinologist. Especially with your TSH level at 127!!! That's rediculous to me. I'm glad you are finally getting help even if it is 12 years too late. Keep us updat..."
Jan 25, 2010
"I saw my new Internal Medicine doctor today and he felt the nodules in my neck and ordered an Ultrasound. He upped my dosage from 50-75mcg and wants me to recheck my labs in one month. He ordered TSH, T4 and T3. I forgot to mention the T..."