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May 17, 2010
"@ Yuk thanks! I have been having lots of nasty sides, the 2nd one was better than the 1st, but the third one was really bad. I need to take it easy after the shot. This will be easier now that school is out for the summer. water i..."
May 14, 2010
"thanks! yeah I been more positive, thinking the side effects is killing the virus, and this really helps! I agree I have been drinking lots of water, and it is really helpful! been doing stuff when I can, and resting when I get too..."
May 12, 2010
"Hi Diane, I am on my 2nd shot, this one is much better than the 1st one, but I feel so drained all the time. I have been doing the water too, been trying to drink a gallon a day it does really help a great deal! I am doing the 48 wee..."
May 04, 2010
"thank you!"
May 03, 2010
"Thanks! It is day 5 and I am starting to feel human again`-` I am hoping that the next shots will be less severe on my body! yep I drinking lots of water too. thanks again`-` Johnny"
May 02, 2010
"thanks`-` I started the treatment, a few hours after the shot it felt like the worst flu I ever had, 3 days later still not well. I hoping that the next shots does not make me feel so badly! thanks so much fr all the great advice!"
Apr 28, 2010
"it took me 6 months from first learning that I had Hep C to starting treatment. I thought my situation was complicated, so it really depends on many things. I wish you a speedy time getting everything set up!"
Apr 28, 2010
"Yes, great advice! thanks so much for your well wishes, and I will keep posting too, yep getting everything started has not been easy, I am happy to finally start the healing:) thanks! "
Apr 28, 2010
"thanks so much for all the great responses, and sorry to get late! seems like everybody got different results from the start of the treatment. I will have to wait and see how I react. I hope that I don't get too many of the side effects..."
Apr 27, 2010
"Hi, been a while since I have been on-line, lost home internet:( I am starting treatment, finally on Thursday. I am wondering what I can expect from the treatment interferon and riboflavin? I have read some nasty stories about side ef..."