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Feb 19, 2010
"Thanks for the reply. The strange thing is that both my mom and aunt were diagnosed, but neither have had any symptoms and they are both in the 70's. My aunt had her blood tested while she was in the hospital for a minor heart attack a..."
Feb 17, 2010
"For the last 5 years, I smell a smoky smell on occasion. It's not every day, but sometimes. I am a non-smoker and so is my husband. There is no one around me smoking, and it's happened in different homes, apartments, outside and insi..."
Feb 17, 2010
"Thanks for your input, doctor. No, nothing fits better and the fact that the scale hovers in the same area for the last 6-7 months after adding all this exercise and changing my eating. I'm 5'10" and my weight stays in the 189-193 area..."
Feb 12, 2010
"Both my mother and her sister (my aunt) have been diagnosed with hereditary spherocytosis in the last several years. My mom is insisting me and my siblings be tested. We have no symptoms and are wondering how serious this can be and wh..."
Feb 12, 2010
"A related discussion, Spherocytosis was started."
Feb 11, 2010
"I'm 48 years old. After a rather sedentary lifestyle for the past 10 years, I began making changes 6 months ago. I started going to the gym 5 days a week and walking briskly for 40 minutes, then 10 minutes on elliptical trainer. Four..."