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Oct 14, 2010
"Hey, I am on suboxone at the moment and I was told that the withdrawals wouldn't be that bad. I think that your drugs worker should have came up with a plan that you were happy with. I have arranged it so that I'm on the same dose unt..."
Oct 14, 2010
"Hey, Well I was a complete idiot. I took some valium and then spent all the money that I needed for college on heroin. Because I was out of head on valium, I didn't go and pick up my suboxone for a week and a half so they took me off ..."
Oct 12, 2010
"Hi everyone, I have been on a suboxone program since March off this year but have failed twice. Screwed up again last month so have been kicked off the program. My drugs worker says that I could go back on suboxone or give methadone a..."
May 19, 2010
"Hey, I'm on day 9 now of my suboxone. I'm on 12mg a day. It's going really well and I have had no bad symptoms - I'm functioning completely normally and I'm feeling great. This really is a life saver. Yeah it might not be for everyone..."
Feb 24, 2010
"My doctor is going to get me started on Suboxone. I was just wondering if anyone can give me any feedback on it - how it works/negatives/positives etc. Thanks"