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Barb, 7 years! I thought you were the leader from before the crusades! :>) congratulations!!
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Two other good books by Steven Masley MD 30 Day Heart Tune-Up and Smart Fat.
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Pax. is correct about your obsession over this!
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Fill one-quarter of your plate with a grilled, baked or broiled protein, like chicken breast, tuna canned in water or...
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Building your core muscles instead of packing on fat. Exercises to beef up the size of your lower back muscles, your ...
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First you're only 16 so you're still growing. But understand this! The steps to get the low body fat levels necessa...
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You can still gain weight after the surgery if you don't CHANGE YOUR DIET! and still eat the wrong foods
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Eating more often will help you avoid feeling overly hungry, which puts you at risk of giving in to a tempting food. ...
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Better nutrition and hydration before and after a workout. As you run, most of your body is focused on the muscles t...
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