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March in place, keeping the knees high, for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time. This is harder than you may think. Try t...
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Most vitamins have a packet of silica to keep the vitamins dry. You can buy the packets just google silica packets. ...
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That's not distilling! Check the link
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You can't spot reduce weight lose! You need to diet and do cardio exercise like Interval training. Pick the exercises...
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Paxiled is correct! My back problem isn't gone but with the correct exercises and done at least 3x per week I have n...
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The main cause is poor diet! Most of the foods at our stores contain refined items. It's important to avoid all refin...
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I suggest buying the following 2 books by Mitchell T. Yass, PHD PT Over Power Pain and Pain Cure Rx.
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No don't be sad It's still me!
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Try these to books by Mitchell T. Yass Overpower Pain and Pain Cure RX
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Pax. I guess you forgot that I'm a sensitive guy!
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