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May 01, 2012
"Well, I thought I'd update since it has been well over a year since I posted this. Hope this helps anyone out there that has the same problems I did. My dd finally potty trained at 4 years, 4 months. After posting this, we first tried ..."
Apr 26, 2012
"Thanks. The eye burning problem has been going on for all of the 15 years, too. It's just getting even worse."
Apr 25, 2012
"My doctor has me on Nasonex spray (1 spray, 1ce per day), Singulair (10 mg once per day), and Cromolyn Sodium eye drops (4%, 4 times a day). I have had bad allergy symptoms for around 15 years. I have a runny nose all the time, but the w..."
Oct 25, 2011
"Update (bump). Baby was born over ten months ago and I am still nursing=no period yet. My DH was (finally) scheduled to see a urologist in March but got deployed the day before. He just came back two weeks ago and we have only been usin ..."
Feb 08, 2011
"This is a website I found while pregnant. It is pretty informative on the subject of how many calories to eat while nursing (take out the spaces :o). www. kellymom .com/ nutrition/mom/mom-calories-fluids. html"
Jan 28, 2011
Jan 28, 2011
"Hmm, not seeing any pictures here. Maybe post them on your profile? Sorry."
Jan 28, 2011
"Not trying to pass judgment but I doubt anyone here will have an answer for you as most of the ladies here are either currently pregnant, just had babies, or are trying to get pregnant. Also, I don't think what you are suggesting is very..."
Jan 28, 2011
"I am so very sorry for your loss and the pain that you and your family are going through. I hope you can get the notifications turned off, that would be a hard thing, I completely understand where you are coming from there. Have you trie..."
Jan 27, 2011
"Praying everything goes well for you! I hope you get your sonogram and see a beautiful, healthy bean in there!"