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May 11, 2012
"thanks ladies. thats a real help :)"
May 04, 2012
"has anyone done ivf that wouldn't mind telling me about it. we will start in ivf in the next couple of weeks and i'm just worried about the complications of egg retrieval...damage to bowel, blood vessels etc.... i've just spoken to the c..."
Apr 09, 2012
"yay a cycle buddy! mine was on the second so i'm only a couple of days are u doing? i haven't had any symptoms yet....i guess its too early for all that. this tww is so a killer....going on for ages. how are u? any symptoms. ..."
Apr 03, 2012
"no one line is the control line...just to show the test is need two lines...the test line should be as dark as the control line or dark...then its a positive."
Apr 03, 2012
"I had IUI yesterday...the pain was quite bad from the procedure and the ovulation when i got home i lay in bed from the afternoon with a hot water you think the eggs and sperm will be ok with the heat...too late n..."
Jan 09, 2012
"i'm in the 2ww too....we did iui last symptoms apart from cramping and spotting for the first couple of days...early days tho"
Dec 19, 2011
"mines due christmas eve, i have no symptoms, hope it doesn't come but if it does we're doing IUI in january 2012"
Dec 10, 2011
"yep thats so true "
Nov 22, 2011
"so we're moving onto IUI soon, we have an information evening to attend thursday then 13/12 we plan our first course of IUI or if the tests don't come back good it'll be IVF striaght away. I just really want to be a mum. I'm gonna be 31 ..."
May 25, 2011
"Hi sarah, i don't think you are. You can only get pregnant when you are ovulating. Your period is mostly showing ur not. but take a test if you want to know for sure. Good luck"