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Nov 14, 2011
"Im so sorry for you!!!! best wishes to yo and your family!!!!!!!"
Oct 12, 2011
"keep us updated"
Oct 11, 2011
"Hey! The bleeding could be like others said implantation bleeding.... also my aunt had her "period" for the whole nine months she was preggo...i say take test and w/e the answer my be make a doctors appt. either way if your really wanti..."
Oct 11, 2011
"Hey there!! first off congrats....! it is not to soon to be preggo, they say that your fertility rate comes back almost if not as soon as the take it out... i have heard of ppl gettin preggo right after they had it removed... i haved the..."
Oct 10, 2011
"hey first off congrats!! they are your family they will love you no matter what!!!! i dont know much about being an older parent but by being around ppl that are, they say its a whole lot better. they know a whole lot more in certain sit..."
Oct 10, 2011
"I know alot of ppl will think its crazy but my doctor told me i could take flintstone vitamins... the pre natal vitamins would make sick. so the only thing i can keep down are chewable vitamins. hope this helps!"
Oct 10, 2011
"I wish i would have known about all this info when i had my second child... i was tottaly scared about vbac. I was told i could have a vbac but was scared that my uterus would rupture. to morgan i would be happy to give you any advice o..."
Oct 10, 2011
"Hi! first off congrats on the new bundle of joy.... im only 5 wks and 3 days. lol this is my third. my name is seara (sierra)! Dont be nervous about a c-section, its a whole lot easier the second go around. i have had two one emergency ..."
Oct 09, 2011
"wait a few days and take another one if its darker your prolly preggo...or go to doctor and have ablood test... but sounds like your preggo congrats!!"
Oct 07, 2011
"when was your last period? "