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Aug 07, 2011
"I was told not to work out when I had one. I think because yeast thrives in damp warm places. plus your immune system dips a little bit after your work out. I was also told not to use tampons while I was recovering. I had one once..."
Jul 21, 2011
" I haven't had a period in 2 mos. I think i have had taken a total of 4 home tests at different times in my cycle. Tests all come out negative. But I have all the symptoms of being pregnant, nausea, peeing every ten mins., sensitiv..."
Jul 19, 2011
"Oh I forgot one thing. If you are on medications & are looking for side effects, I recommend The have not only the consumer information, but they have the Dr's insert for dosage & side effects. It is much more comprehen..."
Jul 19, 2011
"I've got thyroid problems too. Who knew the thyroid controls so much! Why was your thyroid partially removed? Are you on any medications at all? Some of your symptoms you describe I have too, but they are medication reactions. I hav..."
Oct 06, 2010
"Wow! You really helped me see it in a new light. I guess that Master's degree is working! Since I first wrote my post things have unfortunately gotten worse. The little support he does give me, he now only gives conditionally, as long..."
Sep 24, 2010
"Let me say first, you are NOT lame, you are very BRAVE for seeking answers. Young or old all of us know the feelings you are having about feeling yucky inside and out; having people look at you twice and that kind of thing. I can tell..."
Sep 08, 2010
"Hi ALL, I thought that I would share my diagnosis with everyone. I there aren't many comments on diagnosis on this forum. I was diagnosed with an acute thyroid attack. The Dr. said that the belly weight was part of it. I was d..."
Aug 19, 2010
"Hey Merida, Boy! I can relate to not wanting to look at yourself in the mirror. I was a size 4 and within 6 mos I'm a size 14. I really can look at my closet and truthfully say, "I have nothing to wear!" But any way... It s..."
Aug 14, 2010
"I'm so, so sorry you haven't seen a doctor yet. It sounds like your out of pain, is that right? Now just flu-like symptoms? Or both? It seems like the we are all thinking toward a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection, bladder infection). ..."
Aug 13, 2010
"Your poor baby! I can feel you are in terrible pain - as you say "searing" pain. I'm so sorry. First thing first. You've got to get to A DOCTOR if only for relief from the pain, but also check out your other symptoms too. Can you..."