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Sep 13, 2014 in the Anxiety Community - 175
Hi, Are there any updates on this? I seem to be suffering from this too, after stopping Lexapro 2 months ago. I may have to go back!
Mar 02, 2013 in the Heart Rhythm Community
But I posted a journal entry. I do not come on the boards anymore because it fuels my anxiety. I do so appreciate the regulars who have helped me though. I posted a summary of my experience with AVNRT and cryoablation. My journey continues but I am hopeful. If anyone has helpful comments (perhaps based on what EP told you) mainly regarding continued PVCs...
Jan 04, 2013 in the Heart Rhythm Community Best Answer - 1
Anyone can get Afib, especially as they age, but probably your chances are not greater than anyone else's. To my knowledge, someone who has SVT for many years with many episodes (and maybe a higher rate?) has a slightly greater change of developing Afib at some point, but I do not know the details.
Dec 18, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 5
Thanks Michelle, Did your doctor explain why this happened to you 5 weeks out from the procedure? I hope yours also settle down further.
Dec 15, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 5
Thank you for your reply. I also spoke with the EP on call, who is also well-respected. He did not want to prescribe anything before talking with my doctor though. He did assure me there is no way that the ablation caused this, and that he believes I developed a new irritable focus. I've also experienced some strange sensations that may or may not ...
Dec 15, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 5
Hi All, I am a year out for an ablation for AVNRT. All was well until 8 months out when I thought I had a recurrence. Then I started getting ectopics. I thought things were calming but the last couple of days they come so frequently when I lay down that I cannot sleep. I am depressed over this as well as postpartum issues and have just been put on Cele...
Dec 10, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 7
Hi, I went through a pregnancy knowing I had SVT. I was never on meds for it. It did get much worse towards the end, and I did have a bad episode during labor. Since then I've had an ablation. I would not want to be pregnant with SVT again. However, I know a number of people who have SVT and have had uneventful pregnancies. So, it's hard to s...
Nov 28, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 46
Thanks for the response. I am glad you are doing better. It has been a year this week since my ablation. I am still getting ectopics every day, though some days it has been very few. I actually think I had a recurrence of the SVT for the second time, so I am getting a monitor again. Sigh. The uncertainty is taking a toll.
Nov 20, 2012 in the Heart Disease Community - 3
Hi Liz, You might want to post in the Heart Rhythm forum as well to get more answers to your question. Many people over there have had ablations (including me) and may have some input for you. Sorry I do not have an answer.
Nov 19, 2012 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 18
Thank you. I am sorry you are still having runs. I apparently also have another form of SVT besides AVNRT. What is really bothering me is daily ectopics though. My EP said often it can take a long time to induce an arrythmia (that is why some procedures take so long), so I imagine sometimes they just aren't able to do so. I guess what I meant to ask...