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May 10, 2010
"Hi this sounds normal to me, it will normally stop by 5 years of age, however you need to take measures to stop him from hurting himself, move the bed away from the wall, put padding over the headboard & provide more pillows. I say i..."
Apr 23, 2010
"Hi it was suggested I video tape myself when head banging before & during my sleep, I did pluck up the courage to see my GP but didn't get any kind of reaction I expected, all my doctor says is he doesn't think it has any medical signifi..."
Apr 06, 2010
"I guess I could video tape myself, but i'd have to buy a video camera first, Thanks for the info, I'd not heard of a Parasomnia, Guess I need to do a little more research, but definitely think I'll see my GP about it now, the reassurance..."
Apr 06, 2010
"Hi I can't find a section to ask a doctor advice on RMD so thought I'd try under the Sleep Apnea section. I have been banging my head just before & during my sleep since I can remember Age 3? maybe earlier, I'm 23 now. I have never..."
Apr 02, 2010
"I've had this since I was 3 years of age maybe earlier, I'm 23 now. My head banging effects my sleep, has destroyed several of my relationships, caused my family to hate me, made me turn to drugs to try & solve this & pretty much destroy..."