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Jun 30, 2010
"Have your doctor check your gallbladder. Sounds like the pain I was having when my gallbladder quit."
Jun 19, 2010
"Glad you have some answers! So sorry you have to go to the hospital for the tooth. Hang in there!"
Jun 10, 2010
"Just getting the doctors to listen is a huge thing - trust me!!! We mentioned dysautonomia to Whitney's docs after checking it out on here and he poo-pooed it...but had not better alternative diagnosis other than psychosomatic and we kn..."
Jun 09, 2010
"Well there are a number of tests like the tilt table tests, but mostly its a diagnosis of exclusion I guess...still learning it all. She had so many tests that were normal results...finding a cardiologist or neurologist who knows anythin..."
Jun 08, 2010
"Have you had your eyes checked? My daughter has dysautonomia and has a lot of dizziness. Her new pediatrician recommended we get her eyes checked as dysautonomia can affect them and be causing some or all of her dizziness. She did have..."
Jun 08, 2010
"Have you been tested for POTS/ dysautonomia? My daughter has similar symptoms and has dysautonomia (though the tilt table test for POTS was normal). She also have peripheral neuropathy. There are forums for dysautonomia on medhelp...y..."
Jun 08, 2010
"Hi. My daughter has similar symptoms and was diagnosed with dysautonomia. Many doctors don't know about it. Check out There is a forum on medhelp about it and you could check it out. You can also check out m..."
Jun 08, 2010
"Have you looked into dysautonomia at all? My daughter has all of these symptoms and she was diagnoed with dysautonomia. She also has peripheral neuropathy. There is a forum here on dysautonomia - check it out."
May 03, 2010
"I had the same kind of pain and they did an ultrasound looking for gall stones and I didn't have any. But after a few more months and no answers as to why I was in so much pain, the doctor ordered a nuclear hyda-scan of my gall bladder...."
Apr 23, 2010
"My 9 yr old daughter is the same. She can barely walk for the pain in her feet, her hands are getting worse as well. We have much more testing to go through but the neurologist said she has this neuropathy and autonomic dysfunction. S..."